So Mandy Candy and I are slowly working away on getting The F Game up and running. No logo yet and the website has yet to be designed but we thought that starting with making content would be an awesome idea! Thus, please please go check out our new blog right here on WordPress that we have entitled The F Game. We’re starting to get super excited about this project and we hope that you will love it as much as we do!


So I did say that I would be slowing down this blog–that does not mean I am stopping! I am planning a short roadtrip/shopping trip with my 3 best friends at the end of the month to the U.S. so we can stock up on some summer essentials. Thus, I am beginning my online canvas of what I have to look for in the stores! One of the stores I ALWAYS hit up while on the other side of the trees is Forever 21. It’s been a favorite store of mine way before H&M came to Canada and I am looking forward to it opening up in Vancouver soon! So here are some of my picks!

Charisma Cocktail Dress $27.80 USD 
I gotta say that I’m pretty sure that I’d want to wear this dress with a pair of cute high-tops!

Satin Drop Ruffle Top $27.80 USD
This baby would definitely be for work/a night out with the girls!

Swept Linen Jumpsuit $22,80 USD
I don’t know if I’d wear this but it does look like it would be super comfy during the summer since it’s linen!

 Lace Overlay Shift Dress $27.80 USD
This is just so classic and timeless I am going to be on the hunt for this dress!

Ruffle Hem Woven Dress $19.80 USD
Can anyone say beach ready?

A lil less


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that this summer I’ll be slowing down this blog a bit to prepare for a collaboration with Mandy Candy and some of our other Communication friends! Look out for us soon because we’ll be definitely having an awesome and quite fabulous mash-up of fashion tastes and senses!

So this Wishful Thinking post is dedicated strictly to my love of funky streetwear. If I were a rich girl I would definitely buy everything on this list. However, I am trying to start buying wardrobe pieces that I will be able to use in the workplace. So this post is dedicated to my downtime.

Melody Ehsani 4Finger Ring–BAD via

Kidrobot x Tarina Tarantino Dunny Necklaces via Kidrobot

Dimepiece Laser Tank via Karmaloop

Princess of the Posse Oversized Tank via Karmaloop


Room Fashion


So I don’t know about the rest of you but I love my room. My boyfriend and his friend installed hardwood laminate for my floor (it was ugly carpet before). I also only have 3 pieces of furniture in my room–my bed, bookcase and sidetable. There aren’t many pieces in my room because I like leaving some room so I can dance–yes, I’m serious. Now, one of the things that bugs me is that my parents insist the walls stay white. How can I fix this problem? Etsy to the rescue!

Singlestonestudios has awesome vinyl wall decals and I am pretty sure I’ll order at least one if not several! Here are a few of my favorites (click the images to go buy them):

So I work hella part time at Hollister and at certain times a year we get a better discount than normal so that we can get the proper seasonal outfits. They list specific items that you can choose (and I mean specific–This tank top in ____color). So since summer is coming up they list some shorts you can get! I was excited because it’s summer and I love shorts because well, I’m short! Apparently however, we are not allowed to wear shorts or skirts to work! Only jeans!!! SAY WHAT???? I guess I understand because some girls might take it too extreme and have their booty’s hanging out or show their cooch ala celebrity style (cuz we all know hollister shorts and skirts are SHORT) but I think they could just say that instead of banning it for the rest of us!

Oh and I am also choked that I have to wait another few weeks for gossip girl????? They made us wait over a month for TWO new episodes and now we have to wait again? NO!

So that is just my short rant of the day.

Link Love


I have been SUPER busy with school lately so here’s just a quick post with interesting links! (I’ll do a proper update soon!)

Banning Axe? Some schools are thinking about phasing out allowing the kids to use Axe because some people have asthma! Not to mention teenage boys just don’t know when enough is enough and just douse themselves with the stuff:

Teenage boys, now available in two scents

Nooooo! T.I. is going to jail for sure! I’m going to miss his smooth southern accent and body tingling rhymes!

T.I.’s prison sentence: Did he get a cushy deal?

Shopping for clutches? Well Solo Lisa has some great suggestions!

That’s So Clutch

Karl and Repetto? Can you say yummy?

Karl Lagerfeld x Repetto Caberet Shoes

Super Sweet 16–This kid Jordan Smith is a douche! Jeez way to spoil your kid instead of helping those less fortunate in these times of recession!

Two cars he’s too young to drive, a jetski, and £20,000 blown on his birthday … is this Britain’s most spoilt teenager?